Kind Words

At Morris Builders we believe the highest form of compliment a builder can receive is a referral from a past customer. Please take a moment to read these kind words we’ve received from some of our customers, who also became friends.

Dear Jim,

Everyone at Morris Builders was very professional and easy to work with, always giving clear explanations for anything I had a question about, which I had a lot of, being a first time home builder.  They were always available easily and responded quickly to any communication with them.

Working during this time when there were continual supply shortages was a challenge but they made things happen as seamlessly as possible.

 And I love the house!  It is beautiful with a very high quality of craftsmanship and materials.

A special thanks for getting the house complete in coordination with the sale of my then current home, which happened sooner than expected.  This caused the work to need to be done sooner than planned, but they made it happen!

Kathy Musselwhite

Dear Jim,

Betty and I want to express our thanks to you and Jason for building us a great home. Jason did an outstanding job, not only creating a wonderful home for us, but also making the entire experience very enjoyable. His expertise, experience and problem solving skills resulted in a good solution to every challenge that came our way. His planning and scheduling abilities are unmatched; I truly don't think there was a single work day without some sort of building activity at the construction site. Jason doesn't know the word "no", and was quick to try to figure out how we might be able to achieve whatever aspiration we had. Jim, you should be very proud to have Jason as part of your team and representing your company.

Thanks to Morris Builders for building that outstanding reputation that resulted in your subs and suppliers having the attitude that "this is a Morris home, we will do whatever it takes to get it right". We were hoping that we had entered into a relationship with the right builder, now we know 100% that we picked the right team. You may remember, when we first met I said that "reputation" was all history and the contract was all about the "future". Betty and I are proud to now be part of that great Morris history.

We will be proud to highly recommend you and Jason to anyone for possible future clients. (Betty says ps., as long as we get a tour of the ranch!)

Best regards,
George and Betty Blankenship

Dear Jim,

Last year when we decided to go with Morris Builders to build our new home, like most homeowners that are starting to build their dream home, we were very apprehensive about the whole new undertaking.

However, as both you and Bud kept telling us, we just needed to relax and maybe this would be a fun experience. I can't say that it was all a fun experience, but we do want to thank the both of you for our beautiful new home.

Your professional and personal attention to this project has been greatly appreciated by both Angie and myself. Plus your continued follow-up of warranty repairs and any other problems have not gone unnoticed. We really have enjoyed working with you and we appreciated your sincere and honest approach to home building.

Ron W. Paramore

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you for the house warming gift certificate to Silks 'n' Twigs and for making the building of our "dream house" such a positive experience.

It is evident that you take seriously your motto about making "lasting relationships." The personal visit the night before the hurricane was comfort and "over the top" care post-building phase.

Corey, Wade and Jason took good care of our concerns and went beyond what was expected by us during building and after completion.

Marlene Keeling

Dear Jim,

Jason did a GREAT JOB! My compliments to your crews. Not only is the fireplace now safe to use, my wife likes it better than the original. Now that is a WIN!

Steve Waters

Good Morning Jim,

I have a great water pressure at the kitchen sink this morning! The screen at the end of the handheld sprayer was really clogged with debris. Wish I'd thought of that a year ago!

It's a huge relief to know that I'm going to be in this house after all and not out on the street next month or in January. I am so appreciative of your kind offer of your home, Jim, if it comes to that - and calling your attorney, even before I arrived to verify what the process will be once this house goes into foreclosure. Thank you, Wade and Corey, for telling Jim of my predicament and to all three of you for taking time from your very busy schedules to meet and reassure me yesterday. I'm quite sure if I'd contracted with another builder I wouldn't have been this fortunate. I had a peaceful nights sleep!

Blessings to you all.

Janie Riels


My wife and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the help that you and your crew displayed during hurricane Ike to the residents of Bentwater. Without thought, you responded to a group of people during their hour(s) of need in a very generous and unselfish manner.

You mentioned to me that it was "only being a good community citizen," but my wife and I believe that you went far beyond that point. We greatly appreciate you and your crew.

Thank you very much...

Stan & Rebecca Zinn
(large pine went through the 2nd story roof)