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Glass House

This Morris Builder's home was inspired by glass. The unique use of glass and windows in every space gives the home a modern feel while showcasing the views of Lake Conroe. From the glass bridge, to the wall of windows on the back of the home, Morris Builder's made this homeowner's vision a reality.

Rustic Opulence

Looking for a perfect blend of rustic country and elegant extravagance? From the double kitchen island, to the two-story closet, Morris Builders hit the mark and checked every box for this homeowner making their vision a beautiful reality.

Mediterranean Mansion

This Mediterranean house plan is defined by an open style with large exterior windows and an elaborate backyard paradise. While any house plan seeks a stunning appearance, few equal the raw curb appeal of the Mediterranean design. Its hallmark archways and verandas provide a sense of luxury without going over the top.

Lavish Elegance

If you are looking for a wow factor, you have come to the right place! Morris Builders delivered a show-stopping, finished product for this pleased homeowner. This home's decorative elements would put The Venetian to shame.

French Country Classic

With an artful balance between classic and chic, this French country style infuses the home with incomparable warmth and welcome. Tall ceilings, open floor plans and sleek lines are sure to elevate this home above strictly practical, yet in no way showy or overdone.

Contemporary Colonial

If timeless appeal suits you, you will love this home. The quintessential Colonial style floor plan includes a symmetrical facade, regularly-spaced single windows, and magnificent columns. The grandeur of this Morris Builder's home is sure to appeal to anyone.

Farmhouse Chic

Open layouts and innovative amenities brought this Morris Builder's home to life! Distinctive features including built in bunk beds and a game room opening up to the pool will ensure this homeowner has a welcoming place to relax for years to come.